Legendary Blacksmith Online Chapter 04

Chapter 04 – Dispute

The early morning.

Silent school, silent corridor, the silence of the dormitory. Into October, the weather in the North is no longer as warm as before, this cold weather seems to have a somewhat faint mood.

“I’m a little duck, babbling babbling yo~” A happy bell rang, at that moment the mood is suddenly broken.

“Pop.” A hand shot at the phone, struggling to turn off the ringer.

Li Wenfeng trying to climb out from his bed, said to himself: “I go out to play for a few days, get back and forget to turn off the alarm clock.” He picks up his phone to take a look, “only six.”

“I’ve been woken up.” Zhang Ling and Li Wenfeng both slept sitting up, “today is October 6th, holiday.” He took a drowsy look at Li Wenfeng, “To disturb my sleep is a serious crime.”

Li Wenfeng throws his pillow over, “Wake up, you two with late youth disease.” Zhang Ling responded and fell down.

Next, Zhu Zixi and Du Sheng both got up, with bewildered gazes, and strange looks after just waking up both of their faces are not much to look at.

“But……” Zhang Ling tried and tried again, finally he sat up, and said softly: “but having just been woken up by my alarm clock, it feels just like waking up in a dream, this game is really amazing.”

Li Wenfeng followed with a sigh and said: “Yes……Oh that’s right, Sheng brother your occupation task……Why do you guys have that look, did you lose your virginity inside the game?” That is to say, both of them finally noticed that Zhu Zixi and Du Sheng’s expressions were wrong.

“Ah~” Du Sheng pulled off a game connector, lying back, somewhat dishearteningly saying: “Do not refer to that task, I’m gonna be sick.”

“Plop” Zhu Zixi copied Du Sheng’s movements, his eyes glazing over, “to survive is not easy, people do not split difficulties.”

“What has happened to both of them?” Zhang Ling asked Li Wenfeng.

“I don’t have a clue either.” Li Wenfeng rolled out of bed, “anyway, I am going to wash my face and brush my teeth before having breakfast.”

“Hey hey hey, I still want to sleep for a while.”

“Your sister sleeps, you lie down but don’t sleep?”

“You are something.”

About half an hour later.

School cafeteria.

Four people are sitting around a table and in front of them are buns, porridge, and eggs.

Li Wenfeng: “The gentleman writer is not lying about the number of words, bah bah bah, what am I saying. Oh, by the way, about both of your experiences, let us say it was happy OK?”

“Alas,” Du Sheng let out a long sigh, the next minute he was the embodiment of a roaring emperor, “this damn task is even a serial task, I had one evening to finish three links that I had to endure, but the third link task is to encircle that one lousy village’s rotten plaza and to run one thousand laps ah can you believe it? Even if I only took ten minutes to run a lap, that would mean it would take ten thousand minutes to finish a thousand laps, that’s more than one hundred sixty hours, even if I stay online everyday for eight hours and run nonstop, it would take over twenty days, could you endure for over twenty days?”

The great provocation techniques skill points are already full because at this time Zhang Ling twisted the knife into Du Sheng by saying: “ten minutes to run a lap, really slow.”

Li Wenfeng nevertheless held his eyes, thinking a lot and then asked: “Does this task have any restrictions? For example cannot leave the novice village, it must be completed in a specified time and so on.”

“It doesn’t.”

“Then you are complaining about a yarn.” Li Wenfeng gave Du Sheng a disdainful glance, “first go level up, then add more agility, that should make you run faster so what is not solved?”

“Huh?” Du Sheng bit his chopstick, “I hadn’t thought of that.” Actually Du Sheng is not stupid, nor is Li Wenfeng smart, it’s just that Du Sheng’s lamp is black, but expectedly it’s not equal to Li Wenfeng who is an onlooker.

Having been discussing for a while, the three people turned to look at Zhu Zixi.

Zhu Zixi had a bun in his mouth, he had his eyes opened wide pretending to be innocent, finally seeing he can’t hide the past, he put the bun down, took a deep breath, then with a sad tone, he recounted the gory details of his tragic experience of last night.

Then……Irrepressible laughter began.

Zhu Zixi was shaking his head and sighing, then bowed his head to drink his porridge. Fortunately the four got up early, the dining hall didn’t have many people, otherwise Zhu Zixi would definitely have a “I don’t know them” expression.

“Hahaha, Zixi ah, you really are a talent ah, killed by an NPC, also sold yourself to the blacksmith shop, haha, hahahaha.” Li Wenfeng was patting Zhu Zixi’s shoulder, while tears were flowing from his eyes from laughter.

“After hearing what happened to you, I feel like my life is so beautiful, my mood suddenly feels light, thank you ah.” Du Sheng bluntly put his happiness on the suffering of others.

“You had an awfully great mood.” Zhu Zixi couldn’t help but ridicule.

“It doesn’t matter Zhu Zixi, after all you are only a newbie nothing more.” Zhang Ling was trying hard to hold back a smile, to put out a decent appearance, “however, as a newbie at this level you are unprecedented ah ha ha ha ha……”

“Puchi”, Zhu Zixi clearly heard a knife deeply insert into his chest. He closed his eyes in pain, imagining this stain in the later decades of life will keep mentioning the horrors. “Ah, I suddenly want to kill you.” Zhu Zixi made a grim expression.

“Grateful for your mercy not to kill your roommates.” The three of them continue to play around, easily dismissing his attacks.

“Ah ah ah, treating people not good ah!” Zhu Zixi held a hand to his face while painfully exhaling.

Finally after eating breakfast.

“So to say, this wind spirit warrior profession has a thin blood sharp high speed attack, that no one will do the MT work.” After a brief “negotiation”, Du Sheng again because of a special profession had them sign a series of humiliating conditions. They then started talking business.

Li Wenfeng says: “I’m currently already level 10, after I hand in some small tasks I can leave the village and go to the town. My profession, I can finally select to be a mage. Zhang Ling is also about the same I presume.”

Zhang Ling nodded, while saying: “I’ve been out of the village, I am now in river town, and about to change professions.”

Li Wenfeng nodded, while saying: “so to say, the tactics of assassination is the solution, you also need a can of milk and a can of resistance, this can fight……” The three of them once again all turned to look at Zhu Zixi. (TL note: this was a super confusing line, most likely incorrect sorry)

“Oh, I forgot that you sold yourself to the blacksmith shop.” Zhang Ling faintly said.

“You make up a cruel knife ah.” Zhu Zixi clearly heard the knife that was deeply inserted into his chest, hey, why say it again?

“Forget it Zixi, you properly stay in the blacksmith shop and rush life skills, once at a higher level your brothers will wait for you to repair the equipment, it can also reduce spending a lot of money.” Du Sheng comforted.

“Although I know you are full of good intentions, but why don’t I want to appreciate it?”

After chatting for a long time, the four of them decided that Zhu Zixi wouldn’t join in, they would find someone else to form a team, all of them had friends they played with, so it would be very easy to get someone. As for Zhu Zixi, en, he will continue to run his own course.

Eventually the four of them ended their conversation and went their separate ways, Li Wenfeng went to find his girlfriend and be affectionate, Zhang Ling went to his association to participate in activities, Du Sheng went back to the dormitory to play the game and continue the task of leveling, and finally Zhu Zixi was left there being idle.

“Forget about it or go to the library.” Thinking about going back to the dorm to play but then he will have to work for Pei Wu, while thinking about all the chores Pei Wu would have him do, Zhu Zixi couldn’t help but get a shiver, he wisely chose to supplement food for thought.

The library third floor 3B is a centralized region for history books, Zhu Zixi would often go to this place. Pulling out “the twelve emperors of the Qing Dynasty” from the shelf, Zhu Zixi went to find a place to sit down, but found that there were more people than usually and there weren’t any seats open in the library today.

It’s common knowledge eh, the first of October when golden week begins a lot of students nest in the library? What is this rhythm.” Zhu Zixi marveled endlessly, his eyes were searching everywhere, in an attempt to find “the fish that escaped the net”.

Suddenly, Zhu Zixi’s eyes lit up! But it wasn’t because he found a seat, but……

“The makings of a beautiful woman ah.” Zhu Zixi’s eyes were shining, “and seems to be alone.”

At a distance of about five or six tables from Zhu Zixi, a girl dressed in white with long hair is looking down reading a thick book, from here Zhu Zixi can see the girls face, fair skin, and perched on her nose is a pair of wide brimmed glasses. Appearance and temperament, watching from afar Zhu Zixi’s loser little heart started to beat a bit faster.

“It would appear, today I will get to try something I have always wanted but never had the chance to try before, jie jie jie jie……” With a strange low laugh sounding, Zhu Zixi calmed down his mind, he borrowed a pen and paper from someone sitting at the table next to him, quickly writing a note, then he walked over and handed the note to the girl.

The note was written: Classmate, I noticed you for a long time, if you don’t mind, can I ask you out for a walk? I heard from seniors that confessed this way got two results, the is the girl will leave, in that case congratulations, you got a seat. The second is the girl says yes, then congratulations, you still have to look at what books ah!

Zhu Zixi is now already in unbounded daydreaming, whether it is first or second? Looks like the first is my original intention, but I seem to prefer the second one ah, ah ah ah, good contradiction ah.

The girl read the note, then she looked toward Zhu Zixi and smiled. Zhu Zixi’s heart skipped a beat, is it really the second result? It really is the second result! Is Zhu Zixi’s twenty years of being single going to be over in this moment?

Then he saw the girl pat the youth sitting beside her, she whispered something in his ear, then the youth stood up, he lowered his voice angrily: “Boy, don’t get the idea to hit on my girlfriend!”

Shua! Zhu Zixi’s heart drew cool and surpassed cold.

“Yeah, I really didn’t see it, hehe, hehe.” Zhu Zixi subconsciously replied.

“What did you say?” Zhu Zixi meant to say he initially did not see two people together, thought the girl was alone, but in such circumstances with such a tone, it was easy to let the young man misunderstand, making him think Zhu Zixi was mocking that he wasn’t good enough for the girl. As the saying goes you cannot lose face in front of the woman you love, the tone of the youth became more blunt: “you are courting death boy.”

“My goodness,” Zhu Zixi did not talk to him politely, “your temper is really cross ah, what, are you looking for trouble?”

“Damn boy which school department are you.”

“You don’t need to ask which department I am, my name is Zhu Zixi, building B dormitory 308, come look for me there for a one on one.”

“All right, you have guts! I’m called Qi Xin, of economic and financial management class 8, you wait for me, on another day I will come to your dormitory to ask for your guidance.”

“Do not hesitate to come, you will be afraid.”

At this time, because both of them couldn’t control their voices, they attracted the attention of a large number of people. The girl took Qi Xin’s arm with both hands, afraid he might do it here. Qi Xin looked around, then took the girl to leave. After all the commotion, Zhu Zixi’s mood to read was gone, shortly following after Qi Xin he also left the library.

“Forget it or go back to the dorm, first thing to say to them, have a good preparation.” Finally, Zhu Zixi went back to the dormitory.


Legendary Blacksmith Online Chapter 03

Chapter 03 – Apprentice?

Moon Water Village.

Blacksmith’s shop.

In <<Virtual World>>, to kill ordinary beasts is not something everyone can crack, can only rely on players to collect materials from beasts to sell to the town. Only killing humanoids or special mobs will break equipment. Therefore the dragons held sway outside the village, when good players want to change weapons, a blacksmith is essential.

Although right now the blacksmith’s shop door was open, there is an assortment of weapons hanging on the wall, the room is empty, don’t know where the blacksmith is, he is not on the street, the surroundings are silent.

“Stop, don’t run!” There was a loud shout, breaking the silence.

There were two people running through the street one chasing after the other, one youthful with shabby clothes, and one with a face that looked like a spectacle too horrible to endure, and a look of panic. Behind a person in plain clothes, holding a wooden sword, shouting, gnashing one’s teeth, and across his whole face was rage. These two people, who is it if not You San and Zhu Zixi?

The one running in front You San was chased out of breath, seeming to be somewhat panicked and unsure where to go, seeing the blacksmith’s shop ahead and not a soul in sight, he ran straight inside. Zhu Zixi refusing to give up, followed after him.

You San ran into the blacksmith’s shop, finally to tried to run, leaning on the wall clutching his waist, and his chest rising and falling like a blast furnace, the person was worried he would breathe out his lungs.

“Ran away, you, you actually ran away, stop running away.” Behind Zhu Zixi was not doing much better, his hands were on his knees, mouth was still relentless, “I caught up with you see, I’m going to beat you to where even your mother won’t recognize you.”

You San turned his eyes, his mouth started swearing, also not answering, just kept swearing and cussing, while listening there was some things Zhu Zixi didn’t understand.

“This NPCs provocation skill level is at max.” Zhu Zixi fiercely dropped his new wooden sword on the ground, rolling up his sleeves intending to go and fight. If this guy didn’t have his peach blossom face, his last name would not be Zhu!

You San looked around, worried in his heart, his gaze sweeping around, seeing a sword that hung on the wall, reaching out his hand and taking it off, making a fierce expression, looking like a demon and saying: “do not come over, sword has no eyes, dare to step forward and I won’t be polite!” Only it’s a pity he lacked confidence, letting out one sentence, that imposing manner already returned to that cringing appearance.

ZhuZixi like this momentarily really did stop moving, the tip temporarily pressuring him. You San seeing this was rejoicing, brandishing a sword to make an empty show of strength, “back off, back off!” Forcing ZhuZixi to retreat, on the other side his eyes were darting around, intending to find a gap to flee.

ZhuZixi was watching You San, while carefully moving his feet–actually slowly advancing inside the blacksmith’s shop.


ZhuZixi dashed one step forward, grabbing a pair of fire tongs that were leaning on the wall, You San replied with a silent sneer.

“You come again.”

“Ah~” You San shouted, closing his eyes with Zhu Zixi coming towards, raising his sword as to reflect where Zhu Zixi is and cut a piece from him, but this clumsy and clueless attack, how could it hurt someone? But it let Zhu Zixi seize the opportunity, moving to a position that blocks You San in the blacksmith’s shop.

“Hey hey hey hey.” The evil laughing of Zhu Zixi sent waves that absolutely horrified, moving forward step by step with large fire tongs. Not even taking into account Zhu Zixi’s own strength, the imposing manner alone pressed on You San’s heart like a huge shadow, involuntarily moving back.

“You, you don’t come here! You come here, and I, I will scream!”

“Hey hey hey hey, come on come on, you can scream till your hoarse and no one will come save you!”

“Ah~” You San shouted loudly, dropping his sword, then turned and ran toward the inside of the shop.

“Where are you running!” Zhu Zixi shouted, and began to chase.

From inside the shop only hearing “crackling” “bang bang” “smashing” a burst of chaotic sounds, accompanied along with “Ah~” “Ouch, ouch~” miserable shouts “save me” “clearly dead” “I da~” really wailing, sometimes an item would fly out from the back room, just listening to the sounds would let people imagine how the shop was being demolished.

“Stop!” At this moment, a great shout as if thunder from a clear sky, immediately two people wrestling on the floor of the shop are overawed, one after the other turn to look at the source of the sound.

Only to see a large figure stuck in the doorway, even all the sunlight from outside is being tightly blocked, those rays of light at the side making the man faintly discernible, seeming to embed him in a golden border, vaguely looking, should be truly powerful and extraordinary, just like the sky will descend to the world.

When the two people looked at this figure, their eyes couldn’t help but shine, their hearts praising: “what a very robust man!” (To the two people’s eyes lighting up or whatever don’t get me wrong here, it’s purely reflective, reflective)

Simply seeing this man is more than eight feet tall, he wore on his head board inch short hair, staring with a pair of large copper bell-like eyes, above his eyes were two thick eyebrows, indeed equally thick eyebrows and large eyes. Only at this time the two eyes seemed like they wanted to spray fire in general. The body was covered with an ash gray sleeveless gown, revealing red glowing bronze skin, his arm muscles bulging, really is a strong man!

Only then seeing the big person walk up, he launched a huge palm slap, one in each hand, grabbing the two people by the collars and after easily separating the two men, opened his mouth and said: “I went out for a while, allowing people to demolish this shop. For this you two are dead.” After looking at both of their faces, he was furious: “You San, it’s you again, it seems the last lesson wasn’t enough!” Finished speaking, he dropped Zhu Zixi, skillfully grabbing You San by the shirt collar, the other hand opening wide while slapping You San in the face “pop pop pop pop” slapping with one hand and then the other, more than a dozen slaps to the face. Shortly thereafter, Zhu Zixi held terror in his eyes, Zhu Zixi struggled for a long time, then You San turned into white light, disappearing……

The big person turned towards Zhu Zixi, wearing a gloomy face he slowly started saying: “You foreign people, really troublesome, to beat or not to beat, to kill or not to kill, otherwise, well, follow that You San who I ended earlier.”

Can’t beat and can’t kill? Zhu Zixi’s mind was pondering somewhat puzzled, however just a moment ago he caused an NPC to die eh, and yet why did this person say that? Although there are doubts, but knowing that he didn’t have to fear for his life Zhu Zixi was slightly relieved, but still did not calm down, instead he carefully asked: “How do you want to resolve this?”

“Hmm.” The big person slightly muttered to himself, following which he said: “You broke so many of my things, must pay reparations, you hand over the money and then you are free to leave.”

“Pay?” Zhu Zixi suddenly had a cold sweat, he didn’t even have a single dime on his body right now. But he didn’t give up and asked a question: “I don’t know, will it cost a lot of money?”

The big persons eyebrows raised, then stroking his chin, relaxed saying: “Willing to give the money then with pleasure, well, so be it, good then give me ten gold coins.”

“Ten gold coins, you’re fraudulent!” Although Zhu Zixi had been mentally prepared, at this time his heart couldn’t help but curse. He was silent for a few seconds, embarrassed saying: “Don’t have, I don’t have a single copper coin.”

“Oh ho, ” The big person pinched his fingers “slightly pop slightly pop” sounds, “boy, you’re a hoodlum eh.”

“Haha, haha.” Zhu Zixi’s head was shed sweat as big as beans, “how about we discuss and talk it over?

“No need to talk.” The big person said: “Boy, you obediently work here, when you have worked enough to earn ten gold coins, then I’ll let you go.”

“Oh? How long will that work take?”

“How long?” The big person ferociously smiled, “you guess.”

ZhuZixi was stunned.

“Well, don’t just stand there, immediately clean this place up, go to work.”

ZhuZixi dejectedly stood up, this is like a person under the eaves, had no choice but to bow their heads. He took two steps forward, and then suddenly remembered something, quickly flipping through his backpack, “Ah ha, I’m saved.” Merely seeing him pull something from his backpack, impressively it was the village chief’s letter from beforehand.

“Uncle, actually my uncle the village chief sent him to you to learn advance blacksmithing skills.” Zhu Zixi handed the letter over.

The big person opened the letter, watching him look at it, he furrowed his brows, his two eyebrows quickly twisted into one. He looked at the letter, then to Zhu Zixi again, and then looked back at the letter. After a long time, he put the letter down, and sighed: “Well, since it is the old man who had you come, then I reluctantly accept you now.”

System prompt: “Congratulations, you have become a blacksmith’s apprentice.”

ZhuZixi was overjoyed, in his head indeed thinking this time earned big, ten gold coins. Hahahaha. If Zhang Ling was here, he would certainly disdainfully say: “Grow up.” Followed by a “Humph” sound.

The big person picked up the letter, then in a low muffled voice said: “My name is Pei Wu, you can call me master, or you can call me Wu Ye, whichever your happy with.”

“Oh, Wu Ye~” Zhu Zixi had a smile on his face, he was smiling like a blooming chrysanthemum.

“Well, okay, for now you can clean this place up.”

“What?” Zhu Zixi blanked for a moment.

“What, is there a problem?” Pei Wu’s eyes glared, “Of course the apprentice work will begin, get to work, to finish today before dark!” Pei Wu left this sentence, turned and walked out.

Zhu Zixi didn’t vent a random insult.

After a few minutes.

“I XX this is what he is!”

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Legendary Blacksmith Online Chapter 02

Chapter 02 – Today the almanac shouldn’t travel

Letters properties:

Present this letter to any profession NPC in Moon Water village and you can skip the tasks to directly start learning the profession.

<<Virtual World>> has a lot of life professions, in addition to the publicly known professions like blacksmiths, alchemists, tailors etc., there are many unknown professions that players have to find. If you want to switch to a life profession, the player needs to find the NPC that can teach the life profession and do the switch task, complete it successfully, and you can get the profession.

In <<Virtual World>>, there is no limit to the number of life professions you can learn, if you want, you can learn all of the life professions. But it’s unlikely anyone would do that, after all who has the energy to practice so many life professions to a high level? Learn a stack of low level skills, without practice they won’t be helpful.

With the letter Zhu Zixi can skip the required task and start learning the life profession. Of course, do not think the skipped task is successful, <<Virtual World>> tasks besides the task itself each have their own unique rewards, experience and money rewards from tasks are indispensable, although skipping the task saves time, but you don’t get the quest rewards, a profit or loss, it’s hard to decide.

Zhu Zixi was pleased to enter the village with the letter, while thinking in his mind: “What profession is good to learn, what’s this?” lowering his head, found there was a copper on the ground.

Zhu Zixi suddenly burst into tears, the days of being poor, novices only start with one silver–that is ten coppers, picking up a copper, his money was immediately increased by one-tenth, but even that one-tenth, Zhu Zixi did not hesitate to put the copper in his bag.

Not walking even twenty meters, “huh?” Another copper coin was quietly lying on the roadside, “awesome.” Zhu Zixi was smiling and picking up coppers. Walking another 20 meters, another copper coin appeared on the ground, “what’s going on, my ancestors emit green smoke? 20 years worth of luck comes into play? Money bag broke?” Zhu Zixi narrowed his eyes while looking forward, across dozens of meters a copper coin was on the ground, reaching the alley corner not far away.

“Is this a spoof?” Zhu Zixi had a cold sweat, who can not see such an obvious trap, is this a game company deliberately pulling down the player IQ? Zhu Zixi pulled out his new wooden sword, walking at a good pace to the corner.

Only when Zhu Zixi went around the corner to the alley, he is once again deeply impressed by the game’s spoof: on the ground in the middle of the alley was a noose, in the middle of the noose was a copper coin.

“This game is really fun to play!” Zhu Zixi couldn’t help innerwardly yelling ridicule. He quickly went over, kicked the noose aside, and picked up the copper coin.

“Wow hahahaha, another person took the bait, eh? Why aren’t you tied up?” At the same time, an arrogant voice rang out, a figure leapt down from the wall.

Zhu Zixi taking a closer look, only saw this man:

Buck teeth, protruding eyes, high cheekbones, bulbous nose and balding hair.

Jug ears and huge ape arms, a rogue known as You San Tou.

Only seeing this person, en, You San brother laughed and said: “I did not think that you would actually be able to see through my trap, but it is useless, in front of me don’t even think of resisting, and obediently hand over everything you have of value!”

Zhu Zixi silently held up his clenched fist making slight popping sounds, silently in his head saying: “such a big sandbag for my fists to practice on!”

Ten minutes later.

“My lord, my lord don’t hit me, I was wrong, ouch, ouch, do not hit my lord, anymore will kill me.” With a bloody nose and swollen face, askew mouth and watery eyes naughty You San is holding onto Zhu Zixi’s legs crying. Tired of playing Zhu Zixi waved and said: “you know that it is wrong?”

“I know it is wrong, I know it is wrong, ” You San nods his head like a pecking chicken, “I no longer dare, no longer dare.”

“You know that it is wrong? Then hand over all the valuables on your body.” Zhu Zixi facing You San reached out his hand.

“What?” You San raised his head to see Zhu Zixi, saw him again waving his fists to punch, quickly begging for mercy: “my lord please, I don’t have any valuable things, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this.”

“What?” Zhu Zixi eyes widened, no anger since the power. You San immediately corrected: “but I’ve got a legendary treasure map, I do not know if it’s real or not, because of the distance, I have never went search, I am willing to give it to my lord, this is the only valuable thing I have my lord.”

Zhu Zixi’s heart is delighted, the heart that didn’t think could squeeze out anything good, but the expression on his face is unchanged, merely indifferently saying: “let me see.”

“My lord please look.” Zhu Zixi’s hard tone lowered, from behind You San pulled out a picture scroll, immediately Zhu Zixi was surprised, thinking this NPC is badass, also confused how he had such skills.

At once saw You San start to unfold the beautiful scroll, at the same time saying: “my lord you see, there are a total of three hidden treasures in the picture, respectively……” while speaking, the picture scrolls is already finished unfolding.


A light flashed out!

Zhu Zixi fell in the end, disappearing in a white light, before he disappeared he saw one last thing, You San with a really sinister grin……

Zhu Zixi stood with a sluggish face at the novice village resurrection point.

He has been standing there for five minutes.

Five minutes ago, Zhu Zixi met You San and he pulled a poor dagger returning him to the resurrection point, even his only silver coin is gone, a system prompt appeared: You San searched your body, took all of your money. Zhu Zixi completely froze.

Zhu Zixi found himself deeply impressed by the game. Such a photo realistic environment, such a high IQ of NPC, with a living reality system Zhu Zixi finally understood the meaning behind the words “Virtual World”, letting Zhu Zixi know that there are dangers all around, need to walking cautiously; let Zhu Zixi see out of the muck, sooner or later have to repay……

Anyways no matter how you say it, it took Zhu Zixi five minutes and nineteen seconds to leave the resurrection point. He has decided, to say the least, to punch ugly an NPC to put this humiliation behind him, Zhu Zixi must also continue to play! Until, until, ah, until squarely beating that You San as far.

Think about this, Zhu Zixi can’t help but to stick out his stiff chest. Well, whatever the outcome is brother is now charged with killing to get revenge, burdened with the heavy destiny of revenge, and it is fate that he is the protagonist. Ah, this magnificent epic life, although it comes and hits like a storm! Brother is ready for this interpretation of a legendary life!

Unfortunately, the reality is cruel, to Zhu Zixi.

Thoughts already fly to the god of war and the devil opening the harem, a system prompt interrupted Zhu Zixi endless reverie.

System prompt: “player ‘Snake Toilet Water’ requests to add you as a friend.”

“Damn, this marvelous name.” Although prior to entering the game, the four talked about each other’s names, Zhu Zixi already knew who he is, but still couldn’t help complaining a little.

Sure enough, after adding the friend, Du Sheng’s peculiar voice sounded from the chat channel.

“Zixi, I am Du Sheng, didn’t you know?”

“Yes yes, I know you are Du Sheng.” Zhu Zixi already doesn’t have any strength.

“What’s wrong? You sound like your half-dead, isn’t it weird that you already died?” Du Sheng hearing that Zhu Zixi tone was weird, hurriedly asked, he correctly guessed the ending, but didn’t guess the beginning.

“Well, it’s a long story.” Zhu Zixi was embarressed that he fell for an NPC trap and doesn’t want to tell his friends, only in a hurry he changed the subject, “say, why at this time are you finding me instead of leveling?”

“Ah, ” Du Sheng let out a rather high yell, “it’s nothing, just doing special profession quests, they’re very boring so I thought I would chat with you.” The dull tone of voice suggests that he has been doing the same thing all morning.

“Special profession?” Zhu Zixi stared blankly, immediately impatient asked: “what profession, battle or life?”

“Hum hum, ” there came a triumphant laughter: “battle profession, wind spirit warrior, quick and deft way of fighting, can fight close and far, how is it, you jealous?”

Zhu Zixi muttered: “you guys must have stepped on shit going out, such good luck. Tell me about the process.”

“Hum hum, ” there were several more cheap laughs, “Do not worry, come listen to me slowly……”

“For my part, after entering the game I saw an old man having difficulties with carrying a bag of rice, I’m, you know, five proper youths, five stresses and three aspects of love are always in mind, seeing the old man like that how could I not help him? So l helped the old man carry them home, then the old man saw my genius, he asked me if I would be willing to switch to the wind spirit warrior profession, to assume the responsibility of saving the world, of course I would, so I resolutely, agreed without hesitation, then, no more.”

“Seriously? ” Zhu Zixi thrashing his mouth, “you bullshit.”

“Really really, absolutely true, not even a little water, but still a pearl really.”

“For real?”

“For real!”



Zhu Zixi is speechless.

“It’s true that constantly comparing yourself to others will only make you angry ah ah ah ah!” Zhu Zixi’s heart is already like a level 12 typhoon sweeping and roaring through the sea, don’t tell me today’s almanac indeed was a mistake, inadvisable to go out? Over there Du Sheng is still rambling on about the process of his quest. This can endure? Zhu Zixi immediately launches his own oratory, appeal to his emotion, enlighten him with reason, threaten him with power, allow him to benefit. Finally Du Sheng after innumerable conditions allowed him to forfeit sovereignty and humiliate the country, only then he let him go. Scared Du Sheng immediately closed the communication channel, Zhu Zixi said nothing back.

Zhu Zixi satisfied gave a sigh of relief, sweeping away the haze in his heart. But in the next moment, his good mood was entirely swept away.

Across the street, that wretched face, badly bruised guy, who is it if not the swindler who killed him with a knife You San?

Zhu Zixi immediately with deep anger in the area, he roared like a lion, and shouted:

“That bald ugly theif, stop!”

Legendary Blacksmith Online Chapter 01

Chapter 01 – Virtual World

“Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, my whole life was lonely as snow ~” Zhu Zixi covered his face with his blanket, like a rogue rolling around in bed, and a look of being bored to death.

Zhang Ling rolled over beside the bed, asleep, ignoring him.

As a university club member, these inhuman ideals do not appeal to the opposite sex, don’t fall in love do not play games, don’t want to learn guys rolling on the bed is a damn alarm clock for roommates, don’t sleep on the weekend mornings from all the noise, only can sleep till nine? Disturbed people’s sleep, uhh, woke up again.

“Bang!” The dormitory door is kicked open, Du Sheng excitedly walked in, skillfully turned on the computer and opened a web page, “Zixi come down, check it out, I finally got the game, hahaha.”

“Lower your voice,” Zhu Zixi rolled out of bed, looked at the computer screen, “Ah, the <<Virtual World>>, was made over 20 years? Claims to be absolutely real, it sounds really great, ah, this screenshot, look!” Zhu Zixi widened his eyes, “are you sure this is the screenshot of the game and not a film?”

Seeming to be very satisfied with Zhu Zixi’s response, Du Sheng triumphantly said: “Of course, this was taken by closed beta players, no doubt, this is generally called the reality of the real game, ah, I don’t know how long have waited for this.” Du Sheng chattering said: “I heard you enter the game with a special connector, it simulates reality, there is pain, eating has taste, hearing and even xxoo, clearer than in reality. That feeling, wow~”

“I say, have you heard of anyone actually playing.” Zhu Zixi has an unbelieving look.

Du Sheng chuckles: “I have a friend who took part in the closed beta of the game, got first-hand information, and this is what he said to me. He said this game is getting a worldwide open beta, and maybe later there will be an outbreak of warfare. There are already many game studios in China ready to enter at the beginning of the game, It can be said that this game is very promising. How about it, tempted yet?”

Zhu Zixi does feel a bit tempted by, if nothing else, the full realism and worldwide open beta, this is not something an ordinary game could do. He said might not be able, he wanted to buy a connector to get into and play the game.

“I checked, one game connector costs 5,000 dollars, stealing money.” From the side Zhang Ling came and finished the sentence. Zhu Zixi and Du Sheng both jump, “when did you appear?” Zhang Ling looked with contempt at both of them, indifferently saying: “Brother is fast.” Then the two give a complicated expression, pointed to the screen and asked, “connectors for this game are so expensive, there is very few people who can afford it.”

“How much is it?” Following where Zhang Ling pointed to, Zhu Zixi again widened his eyes: “a game connector is 5,000 dollars! Fuck! Go to hell!” The just aroused little interest was immediately extinguished, he is not from a rich family, doesn’t have that much money just to play a game.

Du Sheng looked and quickly explained: “the 5,000 is the deluxe version, of course we can’t afford it, I’m talking about this, didn’t see, low-end gaming connector, 500 for one. Although it is the lowest, but in fact they play the same.

“……” They both looked at the screen for a long time in silence, said the differences are too big, are you sure?

“Well, we go into the game, I believe that with our strength of 3,084 people, will be able rise up in the world!”

“I am not hopeful.” Zhu Zixi entire face looks pained.

Du Sheng remembered there’s a guy who does not know how to play the game, quickly comforted: “it’s OK, go in and play, when the time comes brother will look after you, sure to give you the best equipment, definitely pick up pretty girls and get with pretty girls, want to fight BOSS beat BOSS, besides, you can be a casual gamer, adventure and explore around or something, is that not your favorite.”


Seven days later.

Innocent dormitory door is kicked open again, holding several boxes Du Sheng came in excited and shouted: “Brothers, I finally have the goods!”

Zhu Zixi looked in wonder at the goods in his hand over and over again, this thing glowing sliver-white metal looked like a pair of headphones, but the end didn’t have ear buds but a wafer. According to the instructions, this thing is put on the temple, then select to enter the game afterwords the connector automatically enters sleep hypnosis, then the player enters the game. Thus although the player is playing the game it feels like a dream, and doesn’t affect the next day’s work. While the in-game and real-life day and night are reversed, which means that in reality it was launched at night, but in the game it is actually daytime.

“The game launches at nine o’clock tonight, hey hey hey, we have enough time, can also go for a good meal.

The famous Li Wenfeng, the last person in the group of four. This guy besides the tree other bachelors he lives with has some worth to show off. A Fine Arts Department girl who is gentle and beautiful, taking advantage of the October holiday with his girlfriend he was traveling for seven days, the other three were hateful with envy and jealousy, there is nothing to be done, the others were still single.

A small restaurant, four brothers collide a toast, “Cheers!” Eat and drink, the fours discussion topics focus on the virtual world. Du Sheng asks: “brothers what jobs are you going to get?”

“What else?” Li Wenfeng throws a peanut into his mouth, “long-range attack, mage priests don’t run around.”

Zhang Ling slowly lifts his glass: “assassin.” saying nothing else, as if to say a single word is death.

Du Sheng gives a laugh: “it seems that MT is also for me.”

The three turn to Zhu Zixi, “what about you?” Zhu Zixi opens his mouth, shaking his head, giddy saying: “waiting to see, the will decide what.”

The three were speechless.

Nine o’clock in the evening.

“Welcome to the virtual world.” With a great voice, a white light flashed, Zhu Zixi finally arrives at the legend of, well, new village.

“The style of the game is very simple, well yeah, that’s good.” Zhu Zixi says with satisfaction, silently he says “Attribute Panel”, immediately, a row of attributes appears in front of Zhu Zixi.

Name: South Wind Race: Human

Level: 0

Main attributes:

Strength: 10

Constitution: 10

Agility: 10

Spirit: 10

Perception: 5(Affects skill learning, skill speed and so on)

Luck: 5(Affects critical hit chance, undecided quest items, etc)

Charm: 5(Affects communication with NPCs, etc)

Health: 100

(The initial basic attributes common to all players)

Looking at the storage space, 50 new storage spaces, except for a silver and a new wooden sword, nothing else at all.

New wooden sword: Attack 1-1, Durability 100

“Well, something is better than nothing.” Zhu Zixi waved his arms and looked around. Fortunately, not many people. <<Virtual World>>This game map is particularly large, many races, different races correspond to different camps, different layout, previous game novice village crowded scene did not appear, Zhu Zixi is in a village called Water Moon village with no more than 1000 people, and therefore did not look crowded, players were hurrying around the streets, out of the village, taking a task or doing a task. For a moment Zhu Zixi actually did not know what to do.

“But really, this game is so incredibly real.” Although well prepared, Zhu Zixi still marveled at the scene before him, “the Sun, the wind, the flowers,” Zhu Zixi put his nose to a flower on the side of the road, “flowers really have a scent.” Zhu Zixi right hand pinched on his left arm, “there is pain.” Zhu Zixi murmured and patted his face, “My god, this is too real.”

Walking forward, turn left turn right, turn out of the village, found a small river, the river is clear, there are several willows planted along the river, the willow branch softly hanging down, swaying on the river. There is stone bench under a tree, but an old man is sitting at the table, leisurely knocking Go pieces, but also easygoing, music from the heart.

Zhu Zixi stepped forward to look at the game, it’s a Go endgame, looks carefully, only finding whole sky of stars, confusing, concept is unknown, seeing it unclear.

“Young man also understands Go?” the old man asked.

“Hahahahahaha, elder you are joking, ” Zhu Zixi adopted iconic cheap laugh, “I only know a little, little.”

“Oh, ” the old mans eyes lit up, “how about a match?”

“This this, old man you see, I’m a newcomer, penniless, but for food and clothing is not afraid to work hard, afraid am unable to give old man a good go match. Besides, if I accidentally beat you, this junior is not a good man.”

The old man laughed, saying: “come on, this old man is the Water Moon village chief, if you can give a wonderful Go match, this old man guarantees you a good living, if you can really beat me, but ultimately you will benefit!”

“Good!” Zhu Zixi brushes his coat as he sits down, “please start old man.” Having said that, opens the properties panel, selects network access, enters the Go master, chooses the highest difficulty Go computer, and then waits.

Old man drops a stone at the center point. Zhu Zixi following a virtual Go board drops a stone in the center.

Computer sets up, Zhu Zixi follows the set up on to the stone table.

Old man sets up……

About an hour later.

Old man tosses a stone and sighs: “Unexpectedly you as a young Go player have such accomplishments, without hesitation, set up like the wind, so was able to blitz evolution into surprising array, defeating me three times, really quite beyond me.”

Zhu Zixi promptly bows, “mister praises too much, this junior had but a moment of luck, next to the old man it’s not worth mentioning.” secretly thinking: “Highest degree of difficulty of the Go is really powerful, haha.”

Old man waves his hands: “don’t be humble, don’t be humble.” Reaches into his sleeve and pulls out a letter, “this old man said you’d have a good living, you take my letter, to any shops in the village, or an apprentice, and when their available, you don’t need to worry about food and clothing.” Zhu Zixi moves his hands to receive the letter, but couldn’t help complaining: “you don’t even have to write the letter, it was written long ago waiting for me? Really too fake.” Zixi took the letter, but did not get up, still staring at a pair of big eyes staring at the old man.

The old man stroking his beard laughed, saying: “this old man said if you can beat me, you will benefit, didn’t I promise, take a look at this.”

“Clang” sound is heard, a deep green bracelet fell on the table, Zhu Zixi picked it up.

Green Jade Bracelet: Strength +2, increases storage space by 50.

A little best quality item, Zhu Zixi was very pleased. Although he didn’t play many games, that didn’t mean he was a complete rookie. Starting storage space is only 50, means wearing the green jade bracelet directly doubles the storage space, it also adds two strength, this is almost the equivalent of an increase of two levels.

In <<Virtual World>> upgrade points are obtained as the level increases. For example, above level ten you get one point per level, above level twenty you get two points, above level thirty you get three points per level, under level ten every two levels, you also get two points.

The equipment classification in <<Virtual World>> is not very strict, like the green jade bracelet, there is no equipment grade identification, it only shows green jade bracelet no rank. If it’s advanced equipment, there might be like treasures on Earth, a masterpiece logo. Also in <<Virtual World>> wearing equipment doesn’t have any strict grade requirements, such as with the green jade bracelet there are no requirements displayed.

Leaving the old man, Zhu Zixi with the letter, went to the village.


Hey guys, I am going to be starting some MTL translations and putting them up here. I have already finished 1 chapter of my first project and I am just waiting for Flowerbridge to give it a once over to make sure that it’s not a complete mess and to help me with some of the trickier sentence. I will hopefully be posting it in a day or two so please stay tuned.

BTW the project is of the VRMMO genre.