Legendary Blacksmith Online Chapter 02

Chapter 02 – Today the almanac shouldn’t travel

Letters properties:

Present this letter to any profession NPC in Moon Water village and you can skip the tasks to directly start learning the profession.

<<Virtual World>> has a lot of life professions, in addition to the publicly known professions like blacksmiths, alchemists, tailors etc., there are many unknown professions that players have to find. If you want to switch to a life profession, the player needs to find the NPC that can teach the life profession and do the switch task, complete it successfully, and you can get the profession.

In <<Virtual World>>, there is no limit to the number of life professions you can learn, if you want, you can learn all of the life professions. But it’s unlikely anyone would do that, after all who has the energy to practice so many life professions to a high level? Learn a stack of low level skills, without practice they won’t be helpful.

With the letter Zhu Zixi can skip the required task and start learning the life profession. Of course, do not think the skipped task is successful, <<Virtual World>> tasks besides the task itself each have their own unique rewards, experience and money rewards from tasks are indispensable, although skipping the task saves time, but you don’t get the quest rewards, a profit or loss, it’s hard to decide.

Zhu Zixi was pleased to enter the village with the letter, while thinking in his mind: “What profession is good to learn, what’s this?” lowering his head, found there was a copper on the ground.

Zhu Zixi suddenly burst into tears, the days of being poor, novices only start with one silver–that is ten coppers, picking up a copper, his money was immediately increased by one-tenth, but even that one-tenth, Zhu Zixi did not hesitate to put the copper in his bag.

Not walking even twenty meters, “huh?” Another copper coin was quietly lying on the roadside, “awesome.” Zhu Zixi was smiling and picking up coppers. Walking another 20 meters, another copper coin appeared on the ground, “what’s going on, my ancestors emit green smoke? 20 years worth of luck comes into play? Money bag broke?” Zhu Zixi narrowed his eyes while looking forward, across dozens of meters a copper coin was on the ground, reaching the alley corner not far away.

“Is this a spoof?” Zhu Zixi had a cold sweat, who can not see such an obvious trap, is this a game company deliberately pulling down the player IQ? Zhu Zixi pulled out his new wooden sword, walking at a good pace to the corner.

Only when Zhu Zixi went around the corner to the alley, he is once again deeply impressed by the game’s spoof: on the ground in the middle of the alley was a noose, in the middle of the noose was a copper coin.

“This game is really fun to play!” Zhu Zixi couldn’t help innerwardly yelling ridicule. He quickly went over, kicked the noose aside, and picked up the copper coin.

“Wow hahahaha, another person took the bait, eh? Why aren’t you tied up?” At the same time, an arrogant voice rang out, a figure leapt down from the wall.

Zhu Zixi taking a closer look, only saw this man:

Buck teeth, protruding eyes, high cheekbones, bulbous nose and balding hair.

Jug ears and huge ape arms, a rogue known as You San Tou.

Only seeing this person, en, You San brother laughed and said: “I did not think that you would actually be able to see through my trap, but it is useless, in front of me don’t even think of resisting, and obediently hand over everything you have of value!”

Zhu Zixi silently held up his clenched fist making slight popping sounds, silently in his head saying: “such a big sandbag for my fists to practice on!”

Ten minutes later.

“My lord, my lord don’t hit me, I was wrong, ouch, ouch, do not hit my lord, anymore will kill me.” With a bloody nose and swollen face, askew mouth and watery eyes naughty You San is holding onto Zhu Zixi’s legs crying. Tired of playing Zhu Zixi waved and said: “you know that it is wrong?”

“I know it is wrong, I know it is wrong, ” You San nods his head like a pecking chicken, “I no longer dare, no longer dare.”

“You know that it is wrong? Then hand over all the valuables on your body.” Zhu Zixi facing You San reached out his hand.

“What?” You San raised his head to see Zhu Zixi, saw him again waving his fists to punch, quickly begging for mercy: “my lord please, I don’t have any valuable things, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this.”

“What?” Zhu Zixi eyes widened, no anger since the power. You San immediately corrected: “but I’ve got a legendary treasure map, I do not know if it’s real or not, because of the distance, I have never went search, I am willing to give it to my lord, this is the only valuable thing I have my lord.”

Zhu Zixi’s heart is delighted, the heart that didn’t think could squeeze out anything good, but the expression on his face is unchanged, merely indifferently saying: “let me see.”

“My lord please look.” Zhu Zixi’s hard tone lowered, from behind You San pulled out a picture scroll, immediately Zhu Zixi was surprised, thinking this NPC is badass, also confused how he had such skills.

At once saw You San start to unfold the beautiful scroll, at the same time saying: “my lord you see, there are a total of three hidden treasures in the picture, respectively……” while speaking, the picture scrolls is already finished unfolding.


A light flashed out!

Zhu Zixi fell in the end, disappearing in a white light, before he disappeared he saw one last thing, You San with a really sinister grin……

Zhu Zixi stood with a sluggish face at the novice village resurrection point.

He has been standing there for five minutes.

Five minutes ago, Zhu Zixi met You San and he pulled a poor dagger returning him to the resurrection point, even his only silver coin is gone, a system prompt appeared: You San searched your body, took all of your money. Zhu Zixi completely froze.

Zhu Zixi found himself deeply impressed by the game. Such a photo realistic environment, such a high IQ of NPC, with a living reality system Zhu Zixi finally understood the meaning behind the words “Virtual World”, letting Zhu Zixi know that there are dangers all around, need to walking cautiously; let Zhu Zixi see out of the muck, sooner or later have to repay……

Anyways no matter how you say it, it took Zhu Zixi five minutes and nineteen seconds to leave the resurrection point. He has decided, to say the least, to punch ugly an NPC to put this humiliation behind him, Zhu Zixi must also continue to play! Until, until, ah, until squarely beating that You San as far.

Think about this, Zhu Zixi can’t help but to stick out his stiff chest. Well, whatever the outcome is brother is now charged with killing to get revenge, burdened with the heavy destiny of revenge, and it is fate that he is the protagonist. Ah, this magnificent epic life, although it comes and hits like a storm! Brother is ready for this interpretation of a legendary life!

Unfortunately, the reality is cruel, to Zhu Zixi.

Thoughts already fly to the god of war and the devil opening the harem, a system prompt interrupted Zhu Zixi endless reverie.

System prompt: “player ‘Snake Toilet Water’ requests to add you as a friend.”

“Damn, this marvelous name.” Although prior to entering the game, the four talked about each other’s names, Zhu Zixi already knew who he is, but still couldn’t help complaining a little.

Sure enough, after adding the friend, Du Sheng’s peculiar voice sounded from the chat channel.

“Zixi, I am Du Sheng, didn’t you know?”

“Yes yes, I know you are Du Sheng.” Zhu Zixi already doesn’t have any strength.

“What’s wrong? You sound like your half-dead, isn’t it weird that you already died?” Du Sheng hearing that Zhu Zixi tone was weird, hurriedly asked, he correctly guessed the ending, but didn’t guess the beginning.

“Well, it’s a long story.” Zhu Zixi was embarressed that he fell for an NPC trap and doesn’t want to tell his friends, only in a hurry he changed the subject, “say, why at this time are you finding me instead of leveling?”

“Ah, ” Du Sheng let out a rather high yell, “it’s nothing, just doing special profession quests, they’re very boring so I thought I would chat with you.” The dull tone of voice suggests that he has been doing the same thing all morning.

“Special profession?” Zhu Zixi stared blankly, immediately impatient asked: “what profession, battle or life?”

“Hum hum, ” there came a triumphant laughter: “battle profession, wind spirit warrior, quick and deft way of fighting, can fight close and far, how is it, you jealous?”

Zhu Zixi muttered: “you guys must have stepped on shit going out, such good luck. Tell me about the process.”

“Hum hum, ” there were several more cheap laughs, “Do not worry, come listen to me slowly……”

“For my part, after entering the game I saw an old man having difficulties with carrying a bag of rice, I’m, you know, five proper youths, five stresses and three aspects of love are always in mind, seeing the old man like that how could I not help him? So l helped the old man carry them home, then the old man saw my genius, he asked me if I would be willing to switch to the wind spirit warrior profession, to assume the responsibility of saving the world, of course I would, so I resolutely, agreed without hesitation, then, no more.”

“Seriously? ” Zhu Zixi thrashing his mouth, “you bullshit.”

“Really really, absolutely true, not even a little water, but still a pearl really.”

“For real?”

“For real!”



Zhu Zixi is speechless.

“It’s true that constantly comparing yourself to others will only make you angry ah ah ah ah!” Zhu Zixi’s heart is already like a level 12 typhoon sweeping and roaring through the sea, don’t tell me today’s almanac indeed was a mistake, inadvisable to go out? Over there Du Sheng is still rambling on about the process of his quest. This can endure? Zhu Zixi immediately launches his own oratory, appeal to his emotion, enlighten him with reason, threaten him with power, allow him to benefit. Finally Du Sheng after innumerable conditions allowed him to forfeit sovereignty and humiliate the country, only then he let him go. Scared Du Sheng immediately closed the communication channel, Zhu Zixi said nothing back.

Zhu Zixi satisfied gave a sigh of relief, sweeping away the haze in his heart. But in the next moment, his good mood was entirely swept away.

Across the street, that wretched face, badly bruised guy, who is it if not the swindler who killed him with a knife You San?

Zhu Zixi immediately with deep anger in the area, he roared like a lion, and shouted:

“That bald ugly theif, stop!”


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