Legendary Blacksmith Online Chapter 01

Chapter 01 – Virtual World

“Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, my whole life was lonely as snow ~” Zhu Zixi covered his face with his blanket, like a rogue rolling around in bed, and a look of being bored to death.

Zhang Ling rolled over beside the bed, asleep, ignoring him.

As a university club member, these inhuman ideals do not appeal to the opposite sex, don’t fall in love do not play games, don’t want to learn guys rolling on the bed is a damn alarm clock for roommates, don’t sleep on the weekend mornings from all the noise, only can sleep till nine? Disturbed people’s sleep, uhh, woke up again.

“Bang!” The dormitory door is kicked open, Du Sheng excitedly walked in, skillfully turned on the computer and opened a web page, “Zixi come down, check it out, I finally got the game, hahaha.”

“Lower your voice,” Zhu Zixi rolled out of bed, looked at the computer screen, “Ah, the <<Virtual World>>, was made over 20 years? Claims to be absolutely real, it sounds really great, ah, this screenshot, look!” Zhu Zixi widened his eyes, “are you sure this is the screenshot of the game and not a film?”

Seeming to be very satisfied with Zhu Zixi’s response, Du Sheng triumphantly said: “Of course, this was taken by closed beta players, no doubt, this is generally called the reality of the real game, ah, I don’t know how long have waited for this.” Du Sheng chattering said: “I heard you enter the game with a special connector, it simulates reality, there is pain, eating has taste, hearing and even xxoo, clearer than in reality. That feeling, wow~”

“I say, have you heard of anyone actually playing.” Zhu Zixi has an unbelieving look.

Du Sheng chuckles: “I have a friend who took part in the closed beta of the game, got first-hand information, and this is what he said to me. He said this game is getting a worldwide open beta, and maybe later there will be an outbreak of warfare. There are already many game studios in China ready to enter at the beginning of the game, It can be said that this game is very promising. How about it, tempted yet?”

Zhu Zixi does feel a bit tempted by, if nothing else, the full realism and worldwide open beta, this is not something an ordinary game could do. He said might not be able, he wanted to buy a connector to get into and play the game.

“I checked, one game connector costs 5,000 dollars, stealing money.” From the side Zhang Ling came and finished the sentence. Zhu Zixi and Du Sheng both jump, “when did you appear?” Zhang Ling looked with contempt at both of them, indifferently saying: “Brother is fast.” Then the two give a complicated expression, pointed to the screen and asked, “connectors for this game are so expensive, there is very few people who can afford it.”

“How much is it?” Following where Zhang Ling pointed to, Zhu Zixi again widened his eyes: “a game connector is 5,000 dollars! Fuck! Go to hell!” The just aroused little interest was immediately extinguished, he is not from a rich family, doesn’t have that much money just to play a game.

Du Sheng looked and quickly explained: “the 5,000 is the deluxe version, of course we can’t afford it, I’m talking about this, didn’t see, low-end gaming connector, 500 for one. Although it is the lowest, but in fact they play the same.

“……” They both looked at the screen for a long time in silence, said the differences are too big, are you sure?

“Well, we go into the game, I believe that with our strength of 3,084 people, will be able rise up in the world!”

“I am not hopeful.” Zhu Zixi entire face looks pained.

Du Sheng remembered there’s a guy who does not know how to play the game, quickly comforted: “it’s OK, go in and play, when the time comes brother will look after you, sure to give you the best equipment, definitely pick up pretty girls and get with pretty girls, want to fight BOSS beat BOSS, besides, you can be a casual gamer, adventure and explore around or something, is that not your favorite.”


Seven days later.

Innocent dormitory door is kicked open again, holding several boxes Du Sheng came in excited and shouted: “Brothers, I finally have the goods!”

Zhu Zixi looked in wonder at the goods in his hand over and over again, this thing glowing sliver-white metal looked like a pair of headphones, but the end didn’t have ear buds but a wafer. According to the instructions, this thing is put on the temple, then select to enter the game afterwords the connector automatically enters sleep hypnosis, then the player enters the game. Thus although the player is playing the game it feels like a dream, and doesn’t affect the next day’s work. While the in-game and real-life day and night are reversed, which means that in reality it was launched at night, but in the game it is actually daytime.

“The game launches at nine o’clock tonight, hey hey hey, we have enough time, can also go for a good meal.

The famous Li Wenfeng, the last person in the group of four. This guy besides the tree other bachelors he lives with has some worth to show off. A Fine Arts Department girl who is gentle and beautiful, taking advantage of the October holiday with his girlfriend he was traveling for seven days, the other three were hateful with envy and jealousy, there is nothing to be done, the others were still single.

A small restaurant, four brothers collide a toast, “Cheers!” Eat and drink, the fours discussion topics focus on the virtual world. Du Sheng asks: “brothers what jobs are you going to get?”

“What else?” Li Wenfeng throws a peanut into his mouth, “long-range attack, mage priests don’t run around.”

Zhang Ling slowly lifts his glass: “assassin.” saying nothing else, as if to say a single word is death.

Du Sheng gives a laugh: “it seems that MT is also for me.”

The three turn to Zhu Zixi, “what about you?” Zhu Zixi opens his mouth, shaking his head, giddy saying: “waiting to see, the will decide what.”

The three were speechless.

Nine o’clock in the evening.

“Welcome to the virtual world.” With a great voice, a white light flashed, Zhu Zixi finally arrives at the legend of, well, new village.

“The style of the game is very simple, well yeah, that’s good.” Zhu Zixi says with satisfaction, silently he says “Attribute Panel”, immediately, a row of attributes appears in front of Zhu Zixi.

Name: South Wind Race: Human

Level: 0

Main attributes:

Strength: 10

Constitution: 10

Agility: 10

Spirit: 10

Perception: 5(Affects skill learning, skill speed and so on)

Luck: 5(Affects critical hit chance, undecided quest items, etc)

Charm: 5(Affects communication with NPCs, etc)

Health: 100

(The initial basic attributes common to all players)

Looking at the storage space, 50 new storage spaces, except for a silver and a new wooden sword, nothing else at all.

New wooden sword: Attack 1-1, Durability 100

“Well, something is better than nothing.” Zhu Zixi waved his arms and looked around. Fortunately, not many people. <<Virtual World>>This game map is particularly large, many races, different races correspond to different camps, different layout, previous game novice village crowded scene did not appear, Zhu Zixi is in a village called Water Moon village with no more than 1000 people, and therefore did not look crowded, players were hurrying around the streets, out of the village, taking a task or doing a task. For a moment Zhu Zixi actually did not know what to do.

“But really, this game is so incredibly real.” Although well prepared, Zhu Zixi still marveled at the scene before him, “the Sun, the wind, the flowers,” Zhu Zixi put his nose to a flower on the side of the road, “flowers really have a scent.” Zhu Zixi right hand pinched on his left arm, “there is pain.” Zhu Zixi murmured and patted his face, “My god, this is too real.”

Walking forward, turn left turn right, turn out of the village, found a small river, the river is clear, there are several willows planted along the river, the willow branch softly hanging down, swaying on the river. There is stone bench under a tree, but an old man is sitting at the table, leisurely knocking Go pieces, but also easygoing, music from the heart.

Zhu Zixi stepped forward to look at the game, it’s a Go endgame, looks carefully, only finding whole sky of stars, confusing, concept is unknown, seeing it unclear.

“Young man also understands Go?” the old man asked.

“Hahahahahaha, elder you are joking, ” Zhu Zixi adopted iconic cheap laugh, “I only know a little, little.”

“Oh, ” the old mans eyes lit up, “how about a match?”

“This this, old man you see, I’m a newcomer, penniless, but for food and clothing is not afraid to work hard, afraid am unable to give old man a good go match. Besides, if I accidentally beat you, this junior is not a good man.”

The old man laughed, saying: “come on, this old man is the Water Moon village chief, if you can give a wonderful Go match, this old man guarantees you a good living, if you can really beat me, but ultimately you will benefit!”

“Good!” Zhu Zixi brushes his coat as he sits down, “please start old man.” Having said that, opens the properties panel, selects network access, enters the Go master, chooses the highest difficulty Go computer, and then waits.

Old man drops a stone at the center point. Zhu Zixi following a virtual Go board drops a stone in the center.

Computer sets up, Zhu Zixi follows the set up on to the stone table.

Old man sets up……

About an hour later.

Old man tosses a stone and sighs: “Unexpectedly you as a young Go player have such accomplishments, without hesitation, set up like the wind, so was able to blitz evolution into surprising array, defeating me three times, really quite beyond me.”

Zhu Zixi promptly bows, “mister praises too much, this junior had but a moment of luck, next to the old man it’s not worth mentioning.” secretly thinking: “Highest degree of difficulty of the Go is really powerful, haha.”

Old man waves his hands: “don’t be humble, don’t be humble.” Reaches into his sleeve and pulls out a letter, “this old man said you’d have a good living, you take my letter, to any shops in the village, or an apprentice, and when their available, you don’t need to worry about food and clothing.” Zhu Zixi moves his hands to receive the letter, but couldn’t help complaining: “you don’t even have to write the letter, it was written long ago waiting for me? Really too fake.” Zixi took the letter, but did not get up, still staring at a pair of big eyes staring at the old man.

The old man stroking his beard laughed, saying: “this old man said if you can beat me, you will benefit, didn’t I promise, take a look at this.”

“Clang” sound is heard, a deep green bracelet fell on the table, Zhu Zixi picked it up.

Green Jade Bracelet: Strength +2, increases storage space by 50.

A little best quality item, Zhu Zixi was very pleased. Although he didn’t play many games, that didn’t mean he was a complete rookie. Starting storage space is only 50, means wearing the green jade bracelet directly doubles the storage space, it also adds two strength, this is almost the equivalent of an increase of two levels.

In <<Virtual World>> upgrade points are obtained as the level increases. For example, above level ten you get one point per level, above level twenty you get two points, above level thirty you get three points per level, under level ten every two levels, you also get two points.

The equipment classification in <<Virtual World>> is not very strict, like the green jade bracelet, there is no equipment grade identification, it only shows green jade bracelet no rank. If it’s advanced equipment, there might be like treasures on Earth, a masterpiece logo. Also in <<Virtual World>> wearing equipment doesn’t have any strict grade requirements, such as with the green jade bracelet there are no requirements displayed.

Leaving the old man, Zhu Zixi with the letter, went to the village.


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