Legendary Blacksmith Online Chapter 03

Chapter 03 – Apprentice?

Moon Water Village.

Blacksmith’s shop.

In <<Virtual World>>, to kill ordinary beasts is not something everyone can crack, can only rely on players to collect materials from beasts to sell to the town. Only killing humanoids or special mobs will break equipment. Therefore the dragons held sway outside the village, when good players want to change weapons, a blacksmith is essential.

Although right now the blacksmith’s shop door was open, there is an assortment of weapons hanging on the wall, the room is empty, don’t know where the blacksmith is, he is not on the street, the surroundings are silent.

“Stop, don’t run!” There was a loud shout, breaking the silence.

There were two people running through the street one chasing after the other, one youthful with shabby clothes, and one with a face that looked like a spectacle too horrible to endure, and a look of panic. Behind a person in plain clothes, holding a wooden sword, shouting, gnashing one’s teeth, and across his whole face was rage. These two people, who is it if not You San and Zhu Zixi?

The one running in front You San was chased out of breath, seeming to be somewhat panicked and unsure where to go, seeing the blacksmith’s shop ahead and not a soul in sight, he ran straight inside. Zhu Zixi refusing to give up, followed after him.

You San ran into the blacksmith’s shop, finally to tried to run, leaning on the wall clutching his waist, and his chest rising and falling like a blast furnace, the person was worried he would breathe out his lungs.

“Ran away, you, you actually ran away, stop running away.” Behind Zhu Zixi was not doing much better, his hands were on his knees, mouth was still relentless, “I caught up with you see, I’m going to beat you to where even your mother won’t recognize you.”

You San turned his eyes, his mouth started swearing, also not answering, just kept swearing and cussing, while listening there was some things Zhu Zixi didn’t understand.

“This NPCs provocation skill level is at max.” Zhu Zixi fiercely dropped his new wooden sword on the ground, rolling up his sleeves intending to go and fight. If this guy didn’t have his peach blossom face, his last name would not be Zhu!

You San looked around, worried in his heart, his gaze sweeping around, seeing a sword that hung on the wall, reaching out his hand and taking it off, making a fierce expression, looking like a demon and saying: “do not come over, sword has no eyes, dare to step forward and I won’t be polite!” Only it’s a pity he lacked confidence, letting out one sentence, that imposing manner already returned to that cringing appearance.

ZhuZixi like this momentarily really did stop moving, the tip temporarily pressuring him. You San seeing this was rejoicing, brandishing a sword to make an empty show of strength, “back off, back off!” Forcing ZhuZixi to retreat, on the other side his eyes were darting around, intending to find a gap to flee.

ZhuZixi was watching You San, while carefully moving his feet–actually slowly advancing inside the blacksmith’s shop.


ZhuZixi dashed one step forward, grabbing a pair of fire tongs that were leaning on the wall, You San replied with a silent sneer.

“You come again.”

“Ah~” You San shouted, closing his eyes with Zhu Zixi coming towards, raising his sword as to reflect where Zhu Zixi is and cut a piece from him, but this clumsy and clueless attack, how could it hurt someone? But it let Zhu Zixi seize the opportunity, moving to a position that blocks You San in the blacksmith’s shop.

“Hey hey hey hey.” The evil laughing of Zhu Zixi sent waves that absolutely horrified, moving forward step by step with large fire tongs. Not even taking into account Zhu Zixi’s own strength, the imposing manner alone pressed on You San’s heart like a huge shadow, involuntarily moving back.

“You, you don’t come here! You come here, and I, I will scream!”

“Hey hey hey hey, come on come on, you can scream till your hoarse and no one will come save you!”

“Ah~” You San shouted loudly, dropping his sword, then turned and ran toward the inside of the shop.

“Where are you running!” Zhu Zixi shouted, and began to chase.

From inside the shop only hearing “crackling” “bang bang” “smashing” a burst of chaotic sounds, accompanied along with “Ah~” “Ouch, ouch~” miserable shouts “save me” “clearly dead” “I da~” really wailing, sometimes an item would fly out from the back room, just listening to the sounds would let people imagine how the shop was being demolished.

“Stop!” At this moment, a great shout as if thunder from a clear sky, immediately two people wrestling on the floor of the shop are overawed, one after the other turn to look at the source of the sound.

Only to see a large figure stuck in the doorway, even all the sunlight from outside is being tightly blocked, those rays of light at the side making the man faintly discernible, seeming to embed him in a golden border, vaguely looking, should be truly powerful and extraordinary, just like the sky will descend to the world.

When the two people looked at this figure, their eyes couldn’t help but shine, their hearts praising: “what a very robust man!” (To the two people’s eyes lighting up or whatever don’t get me wrong here, it’s purely reflective, reflective)

Simply seeing this man is more than eight feet tall, he wore on his head board inch short hair, staring with a pair of large copper bell-like eyes, above his eyes were two thick eyebrows, indeed equally thick eyebrows and large eyes. Only at this time the two eyes seemed like they wanted to spray fire in general. The body was covered with an ash gray sleeveless gown, revealing red glowing bronze skin, his arm muscles bulging, really is a strong man!

Only then seeing the big person walk up, he launched a huge palm slap, one in each hand, grabbing the two people by the collars and after easily separating the two men, opened his mouth and said: “I went out for a while, allowing people to demolish this shop. For this you two are dead.” After looking at both of their faces, he was furious: “You San, it’s you again, it seems the last lesson wasn’t enough!” Finished speaking, he dropped Zhu Zixi, skillfully grabbing You San by the shirt collar, the other hand opening wide while slapping You San in the face “pop pop pop pop” slapping with one hand and then the other, more than a dozen slaps to the face. Shortly thereafter, Zhu Zixi held terror in his eyes, Zhu Zixi struggled for a long time, then You San turned into white light, disappearing……

The big person turned towards Zhu Zixi, wearing a gloomy face he slowly started saying: “You foreign people, really troublesome, to beat or not to beat, to kill or not to kill, otherwise, well, follow that You San who I ended earlier.”

Can’t beat and can’t kill? Zhu Zixi’s mind was pondering somewhat puzzled, however just a moment ago he caused an NPC to die eh, and yet why did this person say that? Although there are doubts, but knowing that he didn’t have to fear for his life Zhu Zixi was slightly relieved, but still did not calm down, instead he carefully asked: “How do you want to resolve this?”

“Hmm.” The big person slightly muttered to himself, following which he said: “You broke so many of my things, must pay reparations, you hand over the money and then you are free to leave.”

“Pay?” Zhu Zixi suddenly had a cold sweat, he didn’t even have a single dime on his body right now. But he didn’t give up and asked a question: “I don’t know, will it cost a lot of money?”

The big persons eyebrows raised, then stroking his chin, relaxed saying: “Willing to give the money then with pleasure, well, so be it, good then give me ten gold coins.”

“Ten gold coins, you’re fraudulent!” Although Zhu Zixi had been mentally prepared, at this time his heart couldn’t help but curse. He was silent for a few seconds, embarrassed saying: “Don’t have, I don’t have a single copper coin.”

“Oh ho, ” The big person pinched his fingers “slightly pop slightly pop” sounds, “boy, you’re a hoodlum eh.”

“Haha, haha.” Zhu Zixi’s head was shed sweat as big as beans, “how about we discuss and talk it over?

“No need to talk.” The big person said: “Boy, you obediently work here, when you have worked enough to earn ten gold coins, then I’ll let you go.”

“Oh? How long will that work take?”

“How long?” The big person ferociously smiled, “you guess.”

ZhuZixi was stunned.

“Well, don’t just stand there, immediately clean this place up, go to work.”

ZhuZixi dejectedly stood up, this is like a person under the eaves, had no choice but to bow their heads. He took two steps forward, and then suddenly remembered something, quickly flipping through his backpack, “Ah ha, I’m saved.” Merely seeing him pull something from his backpack, impressively it was the village chief’s letter from beforehand.

“Uncle, actually my uncle the village chief sent him to you to learn advance blacksmithing skills.” Zhu Zixi handed the letter over.

The big person opened the letter, watching him look at it, he furrowed his brows, his two eyebrows quickly twisted into one. He looked at the letter, then to Zhu Zixi again, and then looked back at the letter. After a long time, he put the letter down, and sighed: “Well, since it is the old man who had you come, then I reluctantly accept you now.”

System prompt: “Congratulations, you have become a blacksmith’s apprentice.”

ZhuZixi was overjoyed, in his head indeed thinking this time earned big, ten gold coins. Hahahaha. If Zhang Ling was here, he would certainly disdainfully say: “Grow up.” Followed by a “Humph” sound.

The big person picked up the letter, then in a low muffled voice said: “My name is Pei Wu, you can call me master, or you can call me Wu Ye, whichever your happy with.”

“Oh, Wu Ye~” Zhu Zixi had a smile on his face, he was smiling like a blooming chrysanthemum.

“Well, okay, for now you can clean this place up.”

“What?” Zhu Zixi blanked for a moment.

“What, is there a problem?” Pei Wu’s eyes glared, “Of course the apprentice work will begin, get to work, to finish today before dark!” Pei Wu left this sentence, turned and walked out.

Zhu Zixi didn’t vent a random insult.

After a few minutes.

“I XX this is what he is!”


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  1. If he’s really unhappy, he should just remake his character. He hasn’t done anything special with it really and the game’s barely started. There’s pretty much no down side to it.


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